First Meeting Tonight! Free Tri-Tip dinner!

You are welcome to come and join us this evening – Tuesday, October 7th – at 8pm in Room 110 of Social Sciences 1.

We will be serving BBQ’d Tri-Tip as well as a Caesar Salad (as long as the food lasts), and the cost to you is absolutely nothing!

Join us for some good food, and get to know what we are about, what we hope to accomplish, and why we are here at all.

Blessings! Hope to see you there…

The Kyrie Team


Mere Christianity

I am a Christian – a mere Christian – of no other religion; and the Church that I am of is the Christian Church, and has been visible where ever the Christian Religion and Church has been visible. But must you know what sect or party I am of? I am against all sects and dividing parties. But if any will call mere Christians by the name of a party, because they take up with mere Christianity, with creed and Scripture, and will not be of any dividing or contentious sect, I am of that party which is so against parties. If the name Christian be not enough, call me a catholic Christian…¬†as that word refers to the one who has no religion but that which was left by Christ and the Apostles to the universal¬†Church, or the Body of Jesus Christ on Earth.

Richard Baxter – 1680

our purpose

The purpose of Kyrie is to magnify the name of Jesus Christ on the UCSC campus. We proclaim Jesus as the rightful Lord of each and every student, every professor, and every member on staff. It is our honor and our joy to lift the name of our Lord on high.

Kyrie Eleison